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Why Ana Marie Cox Has More Twitter Followers Than God.

It must be hard being this good…A streak of tweets sent from Wonkette.com founder Ana Marie Cox this past Sunday (notice the time stamps. too funny.):

  • Orszag on “Week”! Intro’d as “OMB Director,” friend notes “More like OMG.”

Wow. She’s good. I mean, you only get 140 characters…

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Will David Frum Be Apologizing To Rush?

First, read Ben martin’s very good editorial about Rush’s sudden move to the forefront of the news cycle entitled Rush Job: Inside Dems’ Limbaugh Plan.

Now, take a look at this excerpt from Conservative David Frum’s latest opinion piece on NewMajority.com:

(This will not be my first time admitting that David Frum may have just hit the nail on the head. Blerg.)

President Obama and Rush Limbaugh do not agree on much, but they share at least one thing: Both wish to see Rush anointed as the leader of the Republican party. Here’s Rahm Emanuel on Face the Nation yesterday: “the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican party.”

What a great endorsement for Rush! (And we know Rush is fond of compliments – listen to his loving account in his CPAC speech of the birthday lunch given him by President Bush just before Inauguration Day.)

But what about the rest of the party? Here’s the duel that Obama and Limbaugh are jointly arranging:

On the one side, the president of the United States: soft-spoken and conciliatory, never angry, always invoking the recession and its victims. This president invokes the language of “responsibility,” and in his own life seems to epitomize that ideal: He is physically honed and disciplined, his worst vice an occasional cigarette. He is at the same time an apparently devoted husband and father. Unsurprisingly, women voters trust and admire him.

And for the leader of the Republicans? A man who is aggressive and bombastic, cutting and sarcastic, who dismisses the concerned citizens in network news focus groups as “losers.” With his private plane and his cigars, his history of drug dependency and his personal bulk, not to mention his tangled marital history, Rush is a walking stereotype of self-indulgence – exactly the image that Barack Obama most wants to affix to our philosophy and our party. And we’re cooperating! Those images of crowds of CPACers cheering Rush’s every rancorous word – we’ll be seeing them rebroadcast for a long time.

Rush knows what he is doing. The worse conservatives do, the more important Rush becomes as leader of the ardent remnant. The better conservatives succeed, the more we become a broad national governing coalition, the more Rush will be sidelined.

And in case some of you can’t quite picture who David Frum is, here’s a clip of him bitch slapping Rachel Maddow in one of the most awkward cable news moments I’ve ever had the displeasure of witnessing:


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DCCC Does Something Kind Of Weird

Tim Kaine, Robert Gibbs, and the rest of the Democratic mouthpieces are clearly pushing the “Rush as GOP Zeus” story line as hard as they can, and are certainly relishing in the Rush-Steele girl fight. I happen to think it’s a good strategy to pick up the middle brow moderates who have essentially been lost in the Republican shuffle, but THIS is too much. 

Does the DCCC really believe that the creation of imsorryrush.com is the best use of their funds? It’s like the DCCC stumbled upon Karl Rove’s PG-13 playbook from high school and just can’t help themselves…

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