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What Happened to Tom DeLay? (Or Have I Been Missing Out On Crazy For Years?)

A couple of days ago I happened to catch Harold Ford Jr. and Tom DeLay on Hardball discussing President Obama’s un-SOTU and Governor Bobby Jindal’s response. I expected the discourse to be a bit nasty with the likes of Chris Matthews (Obama Fan Club Treasurer) and The Hammer on the same show, but what I was not ready for was the sheer absurdity that was Tom DeLay. I admit that I thought a lot of what he had to say was a bit nutso and meant simply to garner attention, but the manner in which The Hammer addressed Harold Ford Jr. and Chris Matthews was, as we say in North Carolina, CRAZY, bless his heart. I was sort of expecting DeLay to start referring to the ever-eloquent Harold Ford Jr. as “boy.” Yikes. 

So for your viewing pleasure:

Hardball: Are Republicans the party of no?.



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