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Sex, Lies, & Videotape: Today’s Political Headlines

The two big scandal stories of the day, and let’s be clear, this is not an otherwise slow news day with the much-touted primaries, deal with lying about military service and adultery. Not too shabby. Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut AG and Democratic senatorial candidate, was outed by an NYT article for saying that he served in Vietnam, when, in fact, he never left U.S. soil. On the Republican side of the aisle, Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) is stepping down from office after admitting that he had an affair with a female employee.

Souder and his lady friend even made a great sex tape!

The Blumenthal revelation is bad, no question, but he may survive, and in no small part thanks to the fact that while his story will undoubtedly garner a slew of media attention, it’ll be only half as much as it might have been thanks to Rep. Souder. Did Democrats pay him to resign today? It’s way too fortuitous for a party that seems to get political timing wrong with an accuracy that verges on the statistically improbable.

The fact that Souder had an affair neither shocks nor bothers me. I understand, though, that most expect and certainly prefer their elected leaders to actually practice what they preach (in this case quite literally). However, what does bother me in this case is the nature of Souder’s apology and resignation. Rather than simply saying, “I screwed up. I’m sorry,” Souder lamented to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, “It is a nightmare…Can’t believe it is happening.”

Really? You can’t believe it’s happening? It was you having the affair…right?

What is really unbelievable is the degree to which Rep. Souder’s statement makes it sound like his house was hit by the adultery natural disaster. Perhaps it was a sex volcano eruption, or a sex tsunami, or even a sex avalanche. Frankly, I don’t doubt that he’s repentant. There’s no question in my mind that he definitely regrets having the affair, and that he also regrets having to come clean about it, but the “nighmare” that Souder is dealing with is basically his own inability to actually follow the moral codes he claims to base his life upon. Souder is not Job. This is his fault.

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Bernie Madoff Grinds My Gears

According to a Rasmussen poll out today, when asked whether or not Bernie Madoff or his wife should be allowed to keep any of their money stolen in the $64.8 billion Ponzi scheme, 81% of respondents answered no.

81%. Definitely a majority.

But what about the other 19% of schmucks who either responded yes, the Madoffs should be able to keep some of their money, or that they aren’t really sure? Who are these people? Are they also running Ponzi schemes? Who looks at what Madoff did and says “eh, could have been worse. Let him keep some for his effort?”

Let’s pretend that Bernie Madoff’s crime wasn’t stealing enormous amounts of money from trusting investors, but rather staffing his household with illegal “indentured servants” from somewhere in Southeast Asia (I’m keeping this high-class). Asking whether or not he can keep some of the money he stole is sort of like asking the INS to let him keep a couple of his, let’s be honest, slaves because they do a particularly ¬†good job on the floors and it’s just so hard to find adequate help these days. Would anybody be running polls on this, let alone considering the request with even the remotest amount of seriousness? Of course not!¬†

Bernie Madoff cheated a huge number of people out of an exorbitant amount of money. Simply because his crimes allow him to dress and live well, doesn’t make him a VIP member of society. So no, Bernie Madoff should keep absolutely nothing. And as for his wife being allowed to hold on to $70 million to live on while Bernie is in prison? ARE THEY NUTS? This woman needs $70 million dollars to survive on? Does she eat diamonds?

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